Source Naturals and Planetary Herbals Product Images

Download All Images
Download a zip packet for the image size you need. The 'File Name Reference Spreadsheet' provides the Product Name, UPC, and SKU reference and is included in the image zip packets, or can be downloaded seperately.

Source Naturals Image Packet

Planetary Herbals Image Packet

File Name Reference Spreadsheet
(included in image zip packets)
File Name
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Download Single Images
Use the dropdowns menus below to locate the image you want, then choose the size you need. Lists are grouped alphabetically by product name for easy reference.

Source Naturals Single Images
Planetary Herbals Single Images
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Don't know what image size you need?
Here's a general guide to help you find the image size you need. For your convenience, our zip packets contain both PNG and JPG images.
  • XLarge (864x1600) images are generally used for print, such as advertising
  • Large (540x1047) images can be used for print, or websites.
  • Medium (100x190) images can be used on websites.
  • Small (35x66) images are used as icons on websites.
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